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The latest from the Adairs

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have to give a tiny history lesson here before I can talk about my good news today. In the past when I've had to review math concepts Kayla has completely forgotten the concept and I've had to re-teach her the entire concept (frustrating and difficult for both of us). Last week I was reviewing long division with her (after a 3 week hiatus of long division) and at the beginning she starred at it blankly, she really didn't know what to do. So I gave her a hint as to what to do. She still seemed at a loss, so I gave her a couple more hints, well from those hints she was able to pick up and use from her own MEMORY how to do long division! Not to seem like it was a walk in the park because it wasn't for me (or her). On the inside I get impatient and I try hard not to show it; I ask God for patience during times like these because it's hard for me to understand how she could forget after only 3 weeks. But such has been her school "life" story since the beginning. And because the communication between her left and right hemisphere isn't where it should be because she's been using her left ear and left eye to "retrieve" information into her brain. Which it then gets stored in the wrong side of the brain and then it's impossible for her to retrieve it. Anyway I'll stop now before I lose you all that aren't so technical, LOL! Bottom line is, the communication pathways (NEW dendrites, I hope I spelled that right) are definitely being built because she remembered how to do the problem!!! :-)

So onto the good news, or should I say more good news. I was explaining the above to Kayla about math and I asked her if she could tell of any changes with her since she started therapy. She thought for a minute and yes she did notice something! She noticed that reading is easier now, reading is different. She didn't know why until a couple of hours later while we were doing our reading lesson is that it's better (for her) because I don't correct her on words as much as I used to. Funny thing because I didn't even notice. But it was a blessing that she did notice because she hasn't noticed anything yet on her own.

That's our "Little Giant Steps" for the past 2 weeks, PRAISE GOD!