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The latest from the Adairs

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's been a while since I've posted an update on here. We've just been trying to get used to the new schedule and activities. Which has and hasn't been a big adjustment, if that makes sense? Bottom line is, it hasn't proved easier or less work this time around! Just a little bit of tweaking of the schedule (mom) and pushing the boundaries (daughter) and finally - getting the work done! Basically this time around we are focusing on reading comprehension and concentration. But there is also math to do and lots of listening to books on tape. Colin has been doing less of his school work that is geared towards him and more listening in on our reading assignments. That's another great benefit of homeschooling, adjust what works for you and move on. Everybody is always learning and growing as well! So far this week we've done 100% of our work, but that's because we're going to see a play on Friday and therefore we'll probably only get 30% of our work done that day. I love the passage in Ecclesiastes where Solomon talks about "a time for everything" because that is so true and I have especially embraced that lately. I need clear agendas, clear boundaries and clear schedules. I love black and white thinking when it comes to our life. But I have to be very careful with that because I tend to be a little bit too rigid at times and overwork the kids and forget about "play". So I know the kids will enjoy our outing on Friday because they deserve it!