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The latest from the Adairs

Friday, February 03, 2006

Adair family picture - 2005

My brother Ralph and his significant other, Gina

Grandmother & Willard Farness at Christmas with Rachel

Colin and Kayla know how to pose! (from center clockwise; Colin, Noah, Rachel, Kayla & Ezra)

Ezra loves books (my nephew)

Uncle Brian, Aunt Rachel and baby Ezra

Can I say "Gerber baby"? But I am probably a little biased! :-)

My sister Marchelle and I found this at an antique shop, do you think this is e-bay "worthy"???

Colin loves to play with good ol' fashioned Lincoln Logs at Pappa Rod's

Marchell and Johnny

Can the Lexus make it???

Let's give it a try...

going, going...


Yep it made it - sorry but it's not American made!!

Cross Skipping for therapy (no she has no idea this picture is on here!) :-P

American Heritage Girls parade

Game time

thinking about the next move

"Mooooom, do you have to take my picture?"

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