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The latest from the Adairs

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I just can't believe the difference the new activities have proven. The differences this time around is like going from working 20 hours a week to working double over time. Well not literally but that's how it feels! It's just so very different and I'm trying very hard to take it in stride and adjust. I'm needing more down time but there's always the guilt in the back of my mind that we've just got to get therapy done! Lori did warn me that the second 4 months is really very trying and is she ever right!

We no longer do digit spans with only numbers we now do digit spans with numbers and letters mixed. The other digit span activities are spelling backwards, she repeats what I spelled backwards and then says the word. Plus saying 5 to 6 words in a row and her repeating; all activities being 2 minutes long. It's so much harder for a child to go from repeating numbers to repeating words. It takes a lot more brain power and a lot more patience on my part! The reading aloud portion has also changed. We have 3 books to read from, I read a paragraph, she reads a paragraph then we talk about what we just read. This works on her comprehension skills. Plus she has cross skipping to do (frontward and backward) which she doesn't like and a concentration exercise plus bean bag toss and a whole bunch of other activities. We're also working on bringing up her math level and I can see with the workload that if she doesn't improve with that I will be very surprised. It's repetition, repetition, repetition. I'm tired now just thinking about it. But I know it will be worth it in the long run! Kayla is doing so well and trying so hard, I'm really very proud of her! But boy it isn't easy. But does God ever make lifelong changes easy? Positive lifelong lessons and changes usually involve patience, time, faith and love, which I'm pretty sure I've thought about that before. Anyway, for the month of October we completed 78% of the activities. Which isn't bad but there's always room to improve.