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The latest from the Adairs

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kayla's American Heritage Girls had a sock hop with their dad's this spring. Brian was out of town so Grandpa took Kayla! I know he had a great time because this was right taken right out of his generation.

Here's most of the Adair family for our annual Easter gathering. The Easter Bunny that put the eggs out make us very rich every year! This year my kids brought home a combination of $150. This is how Easter egg hunting goes in the Adair family (sorry, everyone is married and no one is adopting! Ha!) I believe they are simply passing their blessings onto everyone else in the family.

Here come some very smart little treasure hunters!!

"Mom you won't believe what I found in this egg...don't tell Greg!" (Greg, our rival cousin that always seems to rake in more money than anyone else in the fam)

"I'll take the candy thank you!"
(Colin does like getting the money but he always goes straight for the jelly beans when his mission is accomplished.)

Here's a semi side view of the house we're building. It's taken so long because if you can see right next to the house on the houses right is a fence which is fencing around a creek. They had to install pierium beams (sp??) and that was after they had mistakenly put the forms in the wrong spot 3 times. The pierium beams were placed every 10 feet and 12 feet down and on top of that is the actual foundation. That's a lot of concrete! Here's the truck that was digging the 12 foot holes.

Here's a couple of pictures of the house from the street right in front.

We're very excited to have actual mature trees in the back yard and our very own creek! (which is very likely dried up right now...) But we have room to play in the back and we've met some really great neighbors already. I feel so blessed to have been able to pick everything out for our new home and to actually have more space and also to not have to move very far. God has been so good to us!

Colin went to camp and all he has to show for it is this picture. If you can try to imagine the worst smel just understand that you're looking at that very situation in this snap. Wet clothes, sitting underneath a bus for 5 hours in 100 degree heat...ugggghhh... you can never imagine! Thankfully they were salvaged after a nice long run through the washing machine.

Colin's basketball league this spring.

That's all for now...thanks for checking it out!

Just when I thought I had this blogger figured out it changed. Just call me a very unsavy tech person! Anyway here's a few of our updates, be it that they're a few months late. The bunny was found in our back yard on Good Friday, he was so tiny and so darned cute we really thought about keeping him. But our neighbor apparently has an oasis in his back yard so we let him go back over (under) the fence. Poor thing was scared to death, shivering but mostly frightened stiff (I know that sounds bad but yes he was perfectly alive!) On to the next pictures...it's our lot but of course all dug up and no foundation. I have those pictures somewhere in this computer! Colin's friend Kyle was with us when we went to check it out so they are doing what boys naturally love to do and that is throw dirt around and jump off of the big piles of dirt. Kayla is walking on top of what will soon be our bedroom. As of today our house is framed and they are about to start bricking it. I'll send pictures before we move in (which will hopefully be by the end of August).