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The latest from the Adairs

Friday, February 03, 2006

Adair family picture - 2005

My brother Ralph and his significant other, Gina

Grandmother & Willard Farness at Christmas with Rachel

Colin and Kayla know how to pose! (from center clockwise; Colin, Noah, Rachel, Kayla & Ezra)

Ezra loves books (my nephew)

Uncle Brian, Aunt Rachel and baby Ezra

Can I say "Gerber baby"? But I am probably a little biased! :-)

My sister Marchelle and I found this at an antique shop, do you think this is e-bay "worthy"???

Colin loves to play with good ol' fashioned Lincoln Logs at Pappa Rod's

Marchell and Johnny

Can the Lexus make it???

Let's give it a try...

going, going...


Yep it made it - sorry but it's not American made!!

Cross Skipping for therapy (no she has no idea this picture is on here!) :-P

American Heritage Girls parade

Game time

thinking about the next move

"Mooooom, do you have to take my picture?"

Our future home site!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. We've been so busy in the last 3 months! And there's so much to share so I don't know if I'll get it all in. The latest and biggest news for us is Colin started his first day of school on Tuesday! He is attending Temple Christian Academy in Lewisville and he absolutely loves it! This came after many months of prayer and then finally a last minute decision to enroll him now rather than in August. (Colin's first day, excuse the sideways picture!) Yes I think it was more painful for Colin to cut off his long hair than to go to school, LOL!

Our biggest goal right now is to get Kayla prepared for a higher level education and the past 4 months have been very difficult to juggle to 2 kids in their schooling (and neurodevelopmental therapy). So Brian and I decided to enroll Colin to be able to get the best out of Kayla's therapy in the next 4 months. Trust me when I say this, it was one of the hardest and most nerve wracking things I have done in a very long time! Colin has never been to school except for pre-school and a few sessions at our church's co-op so you can imagine how this made me feel to drop off my "baby" at school! I have had way more nerves and fears about this than him! The amazing thing is he's very laid back about it even though his work load has nearly doubled. He's got a really good teacher, she's very organized and thorough and Colin asked me this morning on the way to school, "Mom is my teacher smarter than you?" Which of course made me laugh because of course she is, she's a "teacher" after all and I'm not! (I say that very lightheartedly about myself.) Anyway Mrs. Alvis said he participated the first day in raising his hand to answer questions and was also very active in class games and activities. It's like he never missed a day! (amazing!) So we're very excited that Colin loves being in school and that I am able to spend more time with Kayla. Which reminds me we had a very good evaluation last week with Little Giant Steps. Kayla once again improved in many areas. We don't even have to go back in for more evaluations unless we want to because she is on course developmentally. But we do have 4 more months of more work, not so much "therapy" but a lot of vocabulary, reading and math. Our plan is to get her up to speed in order to enroll her in private school in the fall as well. Which will officially end our homeschool season and that makes me sad but I also know that we are on course with God's will for us as a family. Sometimes I feel like a failure and I tell Brian so but he is kind to tell me that I did not fail, we are not "quitting", I have simply reached my limit and we have run the course. I am very thankful to have homeschooled, I have met some of the most wonderful families and I will truly miss the homeschool "talk" that I continue to have with them to this day. But I will always leave the door open to homeschooling again because you never know what the next season will bring you in life.

If you've made it this far in reading my blog then bless you because you like to read and I like to write! :-) Anyway there is one more thing I want to post about. We're building a new house that is only about 2 blocks away from our house and I have a picture to post of us on the plot that we bought. It will be finished in about 4 months and I am going to try and make regular posts on here about our new building process (thanks to a good friend's idea to). That will help me when I eventually make a scrapbook about our building process. And I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything but let me tell you that I've heard before that if you've ever built a custom home once you never do it again! (can I say painful a few times?!) But it will be so exciting when we finally move!